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How You Can Help

Donate to Our Club

Your financial contribution of any amount helps us cover our events and operational costs.

Contribute via PayPal.

Contribute via Venmo: @tcspectrum

Partner With Us

Help us create opportunities and visibility for people of color in leather and kink events. Contact us to discuss how we may work together.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends of color interested in kink and leather about our club and share with them the link to our site.

Values Statement

These are the moral principles that guides us when engaging with vendors or other organizations for partnerships or when accepting gifts, donations or sponsorships.


Since Twin Cities Spectrum is dedicated to promoting, elevating and sustaining dignity and opportunity for all people (particularly people of color), Twin Cities Spectrum will not solicit or accept contributions nor will consider partnerships offerings from individuals or organizations whose actions or operations include practices we deem unacceptable and contrary to the values implicit in Twin Cities Spectrum’s mission. Acceptance of any gift or other offers of any kind is solely at the discretion of Twin Cities Spectrum.

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