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Twin Cities Spectrum is a club created by people of color spanning various ages (18+), sexual orientations, and gender identities, all united by an interest in leather fetish and the kink lifestyle, seeking fellowship and community.


People of color refers to historically underrepresented groups in the Twin Cities: Black, Native American, Asian, Latinx, Pacific Islander, and other non-white people.

We are organized exclusively for social, educational and charitable activities as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


To learn about our mission, vision and policies, please review our bylaws.

We gather monthly for our business meeting and other social events. Check our calendar of events and join us. We look forward to meeting you.


  • We want to create opportunities for people of color interested in leather and kink to find fellowship and community.


  • We want to support people of color grappling with how their kink, their sexualities, and their racial identity and ethnicity connect.


  • We want to increase the number of people of color participating in leather and kink in the Twin Cities.


  • We want to equip people of color in our communities interested in leather and kink with knowledge and skills.


  • We want to help develop the leadership capacity of people of color to reduce their leadership gap in the leather and kink communities of the Twin Cities.


Core Principles (what guides us, our values)


  • We affirm the uniqueness of our experiences and recognize their interdependence.


  • We value our diverse perspectives and the opportunities they give us to learn from each other.


  • We believe in respect and justice for all people and expect our leather and kink spaces to be free from any form of discrimination or bias.


  • We believe in freely sharing our knowledge to educate present and future leather folk and kinksters of color.


  • We affirm our right to participate in leather and kink organizations and events as equal partners.


We believe in respect and justice for all people and expect our leather and kink spaces to be free from any form of discrimination or bias.

Our Mission

To enable Twin Cities people of color across the age, sexual orientation and gender identity spectrum interested in leather and kink to find each other for support, knowledge gathering, skills building, growth, leadership development, and overall positive leather and kink experiences.

Our Vision

An inclusive Twin Cities leather and kink community where the passion and leadership of proud people of color is consciously valued, cultivated, and utilized.

Our Mission

Our Beginnings

December 16, 2017
People of color in leather and kink community dialogue. Out of this experience, we decide to form our own group.

Organizational year: founders met frequently to establish our club bylaws and consulted with Rod Onyx from ONYX DC for direction. 

September 25, 2018
Our first recorded (minutes) organizational meeting as a club took place at Leaning Tower.

October 10, 2018
We obtained our certification of incorporation from the Minnesota Secretary of State.

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